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Multi-Glitter Reverse Gold Drip Wine Stopper

Multi-Glitter Reverse Gold Drip Wine Stopper

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Multi-Glitter Reverse Gold Drip Resin Wine Stopper
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How To Care For Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer clay earrings are fade resistant and they should last for a long time with proper care.

I recommend:

-avoid wearing the earrings when applying perfume, deodorant and hairspray

-remove your earrings when showering or going into the pool/water

-avoid dropping your earrings as the small parts may break

-when not in use, store your polymer clay earrings in a container to avoid scratches

With prolonged use, make-up may stain the earrings and dust may be found on their surface.

To clean polymer clay earrings, use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently to remove dirt and dust from the earring.

How to Care For UV Resin Coated Earrings

 It is normal that its texture or appearance changes slightly over time, generally all resins on the market end up yellowing a little, it is a natural and inevitable process.

Here are some tips for perfect maintenance:

-Avoid exposing it for a long period of time to direct sunlight or under a direct heat source to avoid a slight loss of color or shine.

-You should never sunbathe with them on.

-Never shower with them, or leave them in the bathroom, store your jewels in a place away from humidity.

-Keep your jewelry away from sharp objects to avoid marks, cuts or scratches.

-It is best to keep them in a jewelry box, a plastic bag or an individual box to avoid warm air, sun, humidity, or rubbing against other pieces, since all these factors can eventually deteriorate the jewel.

-Clean your jewelry by gently rubbing it with a jewelry cloth or soft cloth.

-You should not expose the pieces to chemicals, chlorine, alcohol-based products such as perfume, hairspray, cleaning products, or acetone.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Most metals described as hypoallergenic contain trace amounts of nickel. Hypoallergenic simply means that the amount of nickel is below normal or slightly allergenic and can’t cause problems. It’s so miniscule that it requires highly sensitive instruments just to measure it.

Just think of it as meaning – a very low chance of getting an allergic reaction.

Will This Jewelry Turn My Skin Green?

I strive to use highly rated findings that are not known to turn skin green or irritate it in any way. I do however, use brass findings in some of my jewelry because it is beautiful and is more hypoallergenic than some other findings on the market. The copper in the brass can turn your skin green, but that isn’t harmful and doesn’t mean you’re having a reaction to the metal. It’s just the copper chelates interacting with the sweat on your skin.

To care for brass findings, simply take a washcloth or soft towel and heat it with warm water. Use a mild soap and gently rub any dirt or grime off of the brass jewelry. Make sure when you are all done to rinse thoroughly and completely dry! Leaving water on the jewelry can lead to unwanted water spots after your hard work! Moisture is the ultimate enemy when it comes to brass. Keep your jewelry wiped dry and in a dry spot. Storing brass jewelry either wrapped in an anti-tarnish cloth and/or an anti-tarnish bag is the best way to preserve its shine and quality.